2010 Parade Awards

All-Around Awards

President's Cup: awarded to the best group overall (most points overall)

Backlot Association

Pelton Plaque: awarded to the outstanding neighborhood group

Central Street Neighbors Association

Chief Judges Award: given for special merit by the chief parade judge

West End Florist and Garden Center

Awards by Category

Commercial Float

  1. West End Florist and Garden Center
  2. UBAA and Old Crawford Inn
  3. Make a Messterpiece

Community Float

  1. Backlot Association
  2. St. Nicholas Catholic Parish
  3. Daughters of the American Revolution-Fort Dearborn Chapter

Motor Vehicle

  1. North End Mother's Club
  2. Windy City Miata Club
  3. Midwest Chapter, Model T Ford Club

Paid Band

  1. Ridgeville Band of Evanston
  2. Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps
  3. Wilmette Community Band


  1. St. Francis Hospital
  2. Foster Senior Citizen Club-Fleetwood Jourdain
  3. Central Street Business Association


  1. Music Institute of Chicago
  2. F.A.A.M. Youth Basketball
  3. North End Bunco, Parchesi, & Weight Dropping Auxillary


  1. South Shore Drill Team
  2. Illinois Wheelmen


  1. Evanston Township High School
  2. Evanston Girl Scouts - Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana
  3. McGaw YMCA